Who We Are

Turner Village Church began on May 12, 1824, when twenty-three people from Turner, Hebron, Minot, Buckfield, and Livermore came together.  Over most of the last two hundred years, many have come through these doors to hear the Word of God, to learn about the love of God, and to discover life by following Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Glen Ernest

Glenn and Patricia Ernest

Pastor Glenn Ernest

Glenn Ernest graduated from Stevens School of the Bible in 1979.  He earned his degree from Maryland Bible College and Seminary in 1996.  He was ordained in 1984 by his overseeing pastor, Dr. Carl Stevens Jr., founder of The Bible Speaks, now known as Greater Grace World Outreach of Baltimore, MD.  He married his wife Patricia in 1974 and they had a daughter Amy, who is now deceased.