Our Covenant

In response to the eternal love of God the Father, the redeeming love of God the Son, and the sealing love of God the Spirit, we join together as a community of baptized believers in this covenant for the glory of God and by His grace, committing:

  • To give ourselves daily to the worship of God. We will do this through family and personal devotions; through prayer for one another and with one another; through teaching our children in the Christian faith; through engaging with believers in discussion of God’s word and his works in our life; and through seeking opportunities to be salt and light to the world, that whether we eat or drink, live or die, we will do all things to the glory of the One who is our eternal treasure.
  • To seek to live in Christian unity and love with one another. We do this with compassion and gentleness, realizing that we are all sinners saved by grace.  We will meet together regularly and encourage one another in good works, using our spiritual gifts for the good of the body.  We will bear one another’s burdens in love and help one another to grow more and more in Christ-likeness.  We will confront sin in the church graciously and Biblically, always desiring repentance and restoration to God.
  • To live as a bright city on a hill to our dark and dying world. We will seek to live in such a way that those who are strangers to God may see our good works and give glory to our Father in heaven.  We will seek to be faithful ambassadors of God’s kingdom, sharing his message of reconciliation with those around us.  We will seek to bring the aroma of the knowledge of Jesus with us every place we go, and will prepare ourselves to give the reason for the hope we have in us.
  • To strive to build up the kingdom of God in all places. We will love and encourage our faithful brothers and sisters in the faith wherever we find them.  We will weep with the grieving, rejoice with the glad, and offer prayers that God would be glorified through his people wherever they are. We will seek opportunities to spread the knowledge of God in every nation, tribe, and tongue.  We will cheerfully support God’s work as he gives us the opportunity.

We beg God to hear us in this covenant and that He would daily give us both the desire and the ability to be faithful to it as we pursue Him in His word.  Our highest desire is His pleasure in our individual lives and in our corporate life as the body of Christ.  May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering.  He is our life and our all in all.  Amen.